Visual editing WordPress (status of)

In the WordPress visual site designing kingdom, Elementor is king. WP Bakery is the former evil dictator, now exiled, and Oxygen Builder is the promising knight, hero of heroes, and well known among people of culture but not widely accepted by the masses yet.

Although WordPress has been my main stack the last few years thanks to my involvement on Oxygen Builder and other cool WordPress-related stuff, more recently I’ve been spending most of my time on other unrelated stuff. I call them my secret evil projects, mostly mobile stuff and experiments.

But last month I was invited back to work with the Oxygen Builder team temporarily to help with some tasks related to their 4.0 release. This also fully brought me back to the WordPress scene and revived some of the old ideas I had for OxyPowerPack – I’m planning an update release for January / February with compatibility for Oxygen Builder 4.0 (there are big changes in O4 under the hood that requires a lot of changes in 3rd party plugins) and big new features and maybe splitting the product into several pieces by mid-March 2022.

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