My first time joining a Game Jam

It’s the year 1999. All media is going crazy about the Y2K bug and people don’t seem to understand what’s happening to a point some believe their toaster will become aware and take over the world. I don’t remember if people said this kind of things sarcastically or not, but there were people actually believing it.

That year I was 13 years old and attended secondary school with a computers specialty. Back then not every family had a computer at home in Mexico so those big and old DOS PCs from the school lab were my first experience with a computer.

Part of the tools they taught us included Logo, the QuickBasic 4.5 language, and Dbase III plus, which was a visual database management system… in text mode. Actually, all the mentioned tools were command-line software. I immediately fell in love with QuickBasic: grabbed a copy on a floppy disk and made my parents buy a PC for me so I could write programs at home. But what really made a true impact in my life was a copy of a Mario game clone installed on the school PCs.

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Simple two-way binding without a JavaScript framework

I love JavaScript. I hate JavaScript tooling and frameworks. I hate the fact that everything changes in a matter of months.

Don’t get me wrong. Big frameworks are needed, of course, to bring standardization and uniformity to big projects. I can’t imagine how more complex a project like Oxygen Builder would be if it was built without Angular or any other framework.

But I can’t stand when people use powerful frameworks to build minimal projects when all they needed is plain vanilla JavaScript.

Also, I don’t hate things. I dislike them.

My face turns red of dislike ๐Ÿ™‚ when seeing a single-page personal site built with Next.js. But who am I to criticize? I’m the guy using a full-blown blogging suite and dev platform just to write an occasional paragraph.

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